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Secrets of Dellschau

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05.10.2009 05:14, Annie from Florida E-mail Homepage :
Met you in chat on BTR and even though it was late, decided to check the site out. already read the first chapter!!! I can't wait to check out the rest of the site, but I have a feeling I should save that for tomorrow.

21.09.2009 12:00, Ron Melcher from moorhead minnesota E-mail Homepage :
Dennis; great stuff i could'nt sleep went to website started to read chapter one went back to bed got up read chapter two i wanted more. please send a sign copy of your book!! too me. I'll send you a check. I will call you later, good work dennis.

12.09.2009 06:53, cathie from virginia E-mail :
what a fantastic website .... wow of what ive seen so far (and there is so much information here i couldnt see it all at once so will have to come back to it for more) i am sooo fascinated with it all... and im so curious to read on... wow thank you for such input... youve truly worked very hard on the research as well as the info in your own words.... very intellegently put together and the site is very manuverable... thank you for the invite dennis... god bless and i will be back!!!!!

09.09.2009 13:46, Avinash Machado E-mail Homepage :
Excellent topic. I love the airship mystery.

31.08.2009 09:52, Louise Clayton from Wagga NSW Australia E-mail :
Hi Dennis
Great stuff.
Your work is a credit to you.
I too have been reading about your work prior to its completion.
Your determination and enthusiasm is commendable and I am sure the book will be a wonderful success.
Thank you

31.08.2009 04:21, William Crenshaw from Phoenix, AZ E-mail Homepage :
Great work!!!

28.08.2009 23:21, james haarp from north ontario E-mail Homepage :
Well Dennis ,hats off to you and your publishers in finally bringing this information to light! Its about time the public realized what was out there and what may lie ahead for us all. Your radio show is a must listen for everyone and when you appeared on my show ''Cosmic Horizons'', ive had the most downloads ever of one particular program. When you have time would like to schedule you into the show, but first of all got to read more of your fascinating book. Oh by the way great website to follow up your publication and im sure it was worth the wait, James Haarp

28.08.2009 17:54, Rand Maudsley E-mail :
Hello Dennis,

I've been following your quest to bring out this book for quite a while now and find it interesting - I plan to buy your book ASAP... saving my pennies. Congratulations on your new website - looks great! and thank you for all the years and efforts you've put into bringing to light many things hidden.


28.08.2009 07:51, Dennis :

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Entries: 159
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